13 Reasons Why Not

Since the turn of the Industrial revolution, Kids and adults, alike, have been suffering from mental health problems. Most of the times refusing to seek help for fear that they will be judged and shunned. Suicide and depression are more often than not considered to be something that can be brushed off. The Indian Society... Continue Reading →


The Australian Sledging Syndrome

If you follow Cricket, then the term sledging is something you would have heard often. For anyone whose brains have faded a bit (and yes these things do happen; apparently) and cannot recollect what the term means, let me put up the definition straight out of a Google search result- “the practice of making taunting... Continue Reading →

Ancient India and Astronomy

India and Space Research are two words that are being used together very often now, and deservingly! Do you ever wonder if this is the FIRST time we have made a significant achievement in Astronomy? That history is being written for the first time. Or is history actually repeating itself? The most sophisticated cosmological ideas... Continue Reading →

Why is Heart the emotion centre?

This is an article in a rant's clothing, so please deal with some of my negativity to understand some of the deeper messages that I am trying to get across.  I am sure you all must have wondered this at some time, why do people associate some of the tough emotionless decision makings to the... Continue Reading →

All Star weekend overview

New Orleans hosted the All-Star Weekend 2k17, the First All-Star Weekend which would not feature Legends like Tim Duncan, Dwayne Wade and Kobe Bryant for the first time in over 15years.The rising stars challenge was 3point fest with First-year rookie Jamal Murray of the Denver Nuggets taking the MVP with 3point barrage.The 3point contest was... Continue Reading →

Tales from an endless summer: Japan

A good chunk of my fondest memories involves Japan.  As curious as that may seem, this strange country has contributed many anecdotes to be recounted in the twilight of my life, which I seem to be soon approaching, as a world-weary 18-year-old. Regardless of the fact that the cumulative time I have spent there comes... Continue Reading →

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